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"There is not one way to swing a golf club but many different ways. Here at YOUR TOTAL GOLF it is up to us to use all our experience to find the most efficient way for you to swing your golf club that is completely centered around what you the player can physically do. 

Your Total Golf was launched to help all players advance the learning curve of their golf swing as quickly as possible. Given the tools with-in this web site - Video voice over swing analysis of your swing - Video drills to help show how to correct swing faults found - Video performance lessons to correct muscle and joint imbalances that cause some of the swing faults - In person lessons used to confirm everything you have been working on from the videos sent to you, you understand.

Golf lessons and drills just became clearer to work with and unforgettable during your practice session simply by downloading your suggested video corrections and drills to your device to use till the change replaces the fault you are working on. 

Advance Motion Capture Technology

An important component in any lesson is visual feedback, instant video replay sets the mental image for any student to alter their swing where traditional instruction without video fails, or makes the change very hard to understand.

Here at YOUR TOTAL GOLF you will now have the ability to upload suggested videos to your device to view present and previous lessons to help you remember changes you are working on during your practice sessions.

Your brain is an incredibly complex system which can help you change almost any action it sees. So having the right information sent back to you, from the videos of your swing, is the game changer. Coupled with the ability to reshape how your body performs the golf swing using the TPI exercises offered here, can take your game as high as you want. 

Image by Obi - @pixel8propix

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