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Golf Course

This fitness program, which may be something new to you, was developed by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). It starts from a in-person evaluation test, or drawn from your swing videos sent in. Either will isolate the cause of your body's problems performing a consistent golf swing. The starting exercise routines will normally take around 12 weeks to notice a difference, depending on the time and effort you put into the suggested routines. All exercise given to you are videos so the same as the swing videos they can be viewed as often as it takes to understand how to perform them. The exercise routines are set after we have agreed how much time you can put into doing them.

I am a certified TPI coach and look forward to the opportunity to work with you together. We can determine where your body structure is lacking Mobility - Stability or Strength.​ From those findings, we can discuss the best way to move forward and set a program to address the issues found.

If you would like to hit the ball further - Play your rounds more often without pain - Feel more balance in your swing - Have the ability to rotate more with comfort - and hold the positions that can eliminate other swing faults. You owe yourself to give this a try. The 3 month membership is a great way to start and I believe you will be ready for more at it's end!

Easy Steps

  • Choose one of the packages below

  • An invite will be sent to you to download the TPI client app. Follow the directions sent with the app to connect to my TPI pro app, This will allow us to communicate and for you to receive my suggested exercise videos for the problems found in your golf swing.

  • All exercise videos sent to you are stored in your locker to view as often as you like.

3 - Month Membership


6 - Month Membership


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