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Golf Equipment

The Online Lessons offered below can be used as a stand alone form of learning a repeatable golf swing for those of you who have limited time to devote to practice. Just follow the directions below on how to capture your swing and upload it to me. The returned videos I send back to you can then be uploaded to your device to view and hear all suggestions in detail anytime you do have time to work on the changes.

For those of you that are aiming for a game that can take your score low and have the time to put into practice, combining the Online Video Lessons with In-Person lesson is the game changer that will accomplish a repeatable constant swing quicker then you following someone's instructions from the web that has never seen YOUR swing and body capabilities. Use a Coach you know and trust and understands your desires and capabilities to get this right the first time.

Both packages allow you to upload 2 videos each time. For example, the single video package offered below, you will upload your video, which can contain a face on video and a down the line (behind you) video, that would complete that package. From the package of the 4 video lesson, you would have 3 additional uploads left to send to me.

All packages allow you to upload the videos I send back, to your device to work on implementing the corrections into your swing at your own pace. When you feel the correction is a part of your swing, capture another video and upload it to me or use an in person lesson to confirm you have moved in the suggested direction and are ready to move on to the next level of your swing.

All videos are voice over corrections with graphic drawings as well as, in most cases, a voice over swing drill video sent to address the issue talked about in the correction video. 

Easy Steps

  • Capture your swings on your phone or iPad. Best results for video, aim camera's center at your midsection from a level view and if you can use landscape view. Make sure to capture the entire body and club. Using a tripod is best. Do not lay camera on the ground as it does not give a true picture of your swing

  • Purchase one of the package. Follow the directions bellow for this one time procedure to connect directly to me

  • Open the Apple Store. In the search bar type V1 Golf, download the red and white V1 Golf App. Sign in using the same email you gave me. You may get a pop-up with the ability to click on next, continue clicking on Next on the pages till you come to one that states START MY FREE TRIAL, You do not need to do that to view your lesson videos, just X out of that page using the X in the top right corner. Your lessons will be in My Lessons section on the Home page. Just tap on the lesson video so you can starting watching your video.

  • To connect directly to me, which I prefer, tap on the instructor's tab located to the right of the home button, on that page you will see my name or Your Total Golf where there will be a X or checkmark, select the checkmark. If you don't see my name or academy select Academy and Coach button then search for Your Total Golf then tap on it, then tap on my name. At this stage you will be connected to me. If you have trouble or have a question please reach out to me through the contact tab here on the website.   

  4 Pack Video Lessons

Upload up to 2 videos for each video lesson pack


Single Pack Video Lessons

Upload up to 2 videos for the 1 single video lesson


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