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Golf Bags

All in person golf lessons are carried out at Oakmont Golf. Please reach out directly to Vincent Marvaso, who is a independent contractor with Everybody Golf. He will help make the appointment at a chosen time that works for you. All 60 min lessons include a mixture of putting, chipping or bunker and the full swing

Including a Online Video Lesson (sold separately) with these In Person lessons makes the learning curve faster and easier simply because you will never forget any part of the lesson or video drills included in these packages.

All payments for the in person lessons below will be collected on site at the time of lesson.

Vicent Marvaso
(703) 297 - 7334


5 - 60 Minute Lessons  $600

5 - 30 Minute Lessons  $300


5 - 60 Min Lessons for 2 Student $300 per Student


60 Minute Lesson

5 - 60  Min Lessons for 3 Student $250 per Student

5 - 60 Min Lessons for 4 Student $240 per Student

30 Minute Lesson

Because of limited time, this lesson better suits experienced player.

In Person TPI Evaluation Screening



Student is required to pay for their round. Vincent will set up your desired tee time. This is for weekdays only until Nov. 1st.

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